Welcoming Four New Associates to the A.W. Hooker Team!

February 2022

Our Partner’s are pleased to announce the promotion and addition of four team members: Anurag Sharma, Elvan Eryoner, Bineesh Susamma and Ryan Paterson to the role of Associate.

Glenn Hultzer, our newly appointed President and CEO, had the following message about our new Associates:

Anurag Sharma, MRICS, PQS, PMP, Associate
“Anurag joined AW Hooker in December of 2017 as a new immigrant to Canada, coming from an engineering background in structures, as well as having his project management PMP designation. Anurag had quite a few years of experience in working as a project manager. Anurag started in a junior position recognizing that he still had a lot to learn about the Canadian construction market. Anurag very quickly learnt about our business and emersed himself in all the cost management estimating projects he was involved with. Anurag has a great understanding of the construction process, and he has used these abilities in work such as scheduling, which has led him to undertake various claims reviews and prepare schedules on various projects. Anurag is a go-getter, and we did not want to hold him back in any way and he quickly learnt the risk management software we use and has led two major projects with a well-known Rail company where he showed his abilities in project management, understanding of the construction process, compiling of bids, and risk elements in projects came to the fore. Anurag is now working closely with Ann Lawson, Partner & Director – Independent Certification Services, on IC projects as well as continuing to lead architectural estimates at the same time. He is part of our Executive Committee and has been working in helping us with Deltek implementation. Anurag, thank you for all your hard work and thank you for showing us all you can do. We are happy to announce today of you being one of our new associates in the organization and we know you will still go from strength to strength with the opportunities that lie ahead for you. Congrats and well deserved.”

Elvan Eryoner, PQS, Associate
“Elvan joined AW Hooker in 2013 on a temporary contract basis, coming from a civil engineering background and also being a new immigrant to Canada. Elvan started in a junior position recognizing that she still had a lot to learn about the Canadian construction market. Elvan has shown her abilities over and over and has grown in her abilities to a point where she is handling and leading the projects she is dealing with. I have only worked with Elvan a few times over the years bit I can tell you that she has always impressed me with her efficiency in getting the job done and getting it done accurately. Elvan has shown her leadership in mentoring a number of junior people in our organization and has helped them develop quick too. Elvan is very much part of the innovation team being led by Stewart Kyle, Partner, and we have seen Elvan being very proactive in various committees and always putting her hand up to be involved in so much more than just getting the routine work done on a daily basis. Elvan thank you for all your hard work and contribution to our success and we know that you have the makings of still going further. Congratulations on your promotion, it is well deserved.”

Bineesh Susamma, PQS, PMP, B.Eng., Associate
“Bineesh joined AW Hooker back in May of 2017, coming from a degree in mechanical engineering and extensive experience in working for mechanical contractors in both India and in the middle east for quite some time, prior to immigrating to Canada. Bineesh joined us also as a new immigrant to the country and as with Anurag and Elvan accepted a more junior position than he was accustomed to before, knowing that he had a lot to learn in the Canadian market. Bineesh has quickly absorbed all the necessary information he needed in order to turn himself into an excellent mechanical quantity surveyor. He obtained his PQS designation going through all the channels necessary, but his experience paid off and he has quickly risen to the top in the organization. Bineesh is not scared to tackle difficult projects and handles himself very well under pressure and has shown that he can get the job done well. Bineesh has been working closely with Greg Babiak, Partner, over the years and Bineesh has quickly made a name for himself in a lot of the net zero and energy study projects that we have been involved with, which he is now leading. Bineesh has been providing Greg a lot of support in these very hectic times and he is committed to taking on more to allow Greg to undertake more management functions. Bineesh has shown his leadership and put his hand in working on various committees as well and contributed to the success of these committees. Congrats Bineesh on your promotion, keep up the good work, we still see a great future ahead for you and well served.”

Ryan Paterson, Associate
“Ryan was previously employed with A.W. Hooker from 2011 to 2014 and rejoined us in 2020. Ryan brings forward an extensive background in electrical Cost Consulting and Quantity Surveying along with detailed involvement within Independent Certification services. Ryan’s knowledge of building electrical systems and electrical estimating processes has set him apart in the industry and he has become an expert in his field. Along with his estimating knowledge, Ryan has experience with Post Tender cost control as well as commissioning witnessing and electrical construction progress review. We are pleased to have Ryan back onboard at A.W. Hooker, as he has quickly re-adapted to our team and has displayed his desire to grow within our team through his strong leadership skills and passion for the industry. Congratulations Ryan, the role of Associate within our organization is great platform for you move to the next level.”



Ann Lawson, OAA, MRAIC
Partner and Director of IC Services

September 2021

A.W. Hooker would like to recognize Ann Lawson, Director of Independent Certification Services and Partner for her contributions at our firm since 1997. Ann has been a practicing architect for over 35 years and has been a key player at A.W. Hooker consulting for a number of high-profile clients during the construction phase of large projects. Her role as Director of IC Services and Partner has largely been on customized and fast track projects, with a focus on contract administration, cost control and control of the process of changes required during construction. In particular, Ann has specialized in the successful management and delivery of IC services on large scale P3 projects as the role of Team Leader, working on 27 Independent Certifier Projects!

“It has been my great pleasure to work with Ann going back almost 25 years and especially since we started offering Independent Certifier services at the inception of P3 projects in Ontario.  As Director of IC Services and as a Partner, Ann continues to excel in helping guide many difficult P3 projects to successful completion and is highly regarded by our clients as approachable, thorough, meticulous and above all, impartial and fair.  I am delighted to have Ann as a Partner, a recognition which I acknowledge is long overdue.”
– Alan Hand, PQS(F), Senior Partner

“I have had the great good fortune to be part of the A. W. Hooker team for almost 25 years.  We have provided Independent Certifier services since the inception of the P3 program in Ontario about 15 years ago.  Our team has worked together for many years and I believe this is the foundation of our success. We provide fully integrated expertise in architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical, ICAT, commissioning and payment certification all leading to the successful issuance of the required certificates.  Our goal is and always has been to be the best Independent Certifiers anywhere, serving our clients fairly and equitably.  I would like to thank my partners and colleagues for this opportunity and look forward to many more years of working together and our continuing success.”
– Ann Lawson, OAA, MRAIC, Partner and Director of IC Services



Stewart Kyle, PQS, CET

January 2020

A.W. Hooker Associates Ltd. is pleased to announce that Stewart Kyle has been appointed to Partner.

Stewart Kyle joined A.W. Hooker Associates Ltd. in 2011 as a Quantity Surveyor.  Since that time, Stewart has acquired experience in a wide range of projects involving design stage cost control. Stewart has provided valuable mentoring and leadership to his colleagues and is collaborative in overseeing the hands-on measuring and quantification processes.  He has continued to build upon his skills and excel in cost estimating and project coordination and delivers a high standard of quality in all cost estimates under his care.

“I’m excited to take on this new challenge to continue on our path of strategic succession and future planning at A.W. Hooker.  I will continue to build on the variety of our projects while managing customer relations and maintaining our timely service delivery.  I have been supported in my development by Senior Management plus fellow colleagues and I look forward to grow as a leader within A.W. Hooker and the industry.”
Stewart Kyle, Partner

“Stew has excelled in leveraging every opportunity to grow and understand the nuances of our business.  He is a great role model for our younger staff in leaving no stone unturned, no question unasked and no challenge unmet.  Our clients appreciate his commitment and thoroughness in serving their needs and protecting their interests.  I am very happy to have Stew join us as a Partner.”
– Alan Hand, PQS (F), Senior Partner




Greg Babiak, PQS
Partner (Mechanical)

December 2018

Greg Announcement Image-1

A.W. Hooker Associates Ltd. is excited to announce that Greg Babiak, PQS, has been appointed to the position of Partner (Mechanical).  Greg brings extensive capabilities and practical work experience to his new role.  He has worked on over 1,000 projects over the past 10 years providing him a diverse range of experience.  Greg is a collaborative team member who has worked on projects ranging from residential, educational buildings, sports facilities, office towers, and specialized in a wide spectrum of commercial buildings such as data centres, museums, performing arts centres and pharmaceutical buildings. Greg’s dedication and hands-on style of scope definition, quantification and project coordination ensures the highest standard of quality in all project cost estimates under his care. He is instrumental in providing mentoring and leadership to his colleagues and is a valued resource to the entire A.W. Hooker Associates Ltd. team.

“I’m honoured and excited to take on this new challenge at A.W. Hooker.  I believe that A.W. Hooker will continue to build on the diversity of our projects while continuing to provide bespoke Quantity Surveying services to our clients.  Before starting with the company I had no idea what it meant to be a Quantity Surveyor, however I am extremely grateful that Malcolm Yates took me under his wing and mentored me to be the Quantity Surveyor I am today. The Senior Leadership here at A.W. Hooker has been extremely supportive in my development and I look forward to continuing to grow as a leader within the company. ” – Greg Babiak

Greg has achieved outstanding results in his highly specialized field, says Alan Hand, CEO.  His attention to detail and doing what it takes to get the job done right and on time can be relied upon.  Many of our longstanding repeat clients have discovered this and love it about him.” – Alan Hand

A.W. Hooker Associates Ltd., located in Oakville, Ontario, was founded in 1975 by the late Arthur W. Hooker, and became a private corporation under the laws of Ontario in 1987. Led by an experienced and talented management team and staff of professional quantity surveyors, the firm provides full service cost consulting services to both the public and private sectors of the construction industry.




Learn how a QS can contribute to the Design Team during the design of a Zero Energy Building!

November 9, 2016

Senior Partner, Malcolm Yates, discusses how a Quantity Surveyor can help control costs during the design and construction of a Zero Energy Building (ZEB).


Click the following link to learn more: 

Controlling Costs in the Northern Ontario Market

Nipissing Parry Sound District Health Unit

September 19, 2016
North Bay, ON

A.W. Hooker Associates was a valuable member of the design team for the construction of the new two-storey Nipissing Parry Sound District Health Unit located in North Bay, ON. The new health unit will provide health services including primary health care, dental health care, and public health education programs. A.W. Hooker ensured the design of project remained on budget by preparing design stage cost control estimates at the Order of Magnitude, Schematic Design, Design Development and Working Drawing design stage milestones.

Our years of experience working on projects in Northern Ontario have led to an intimate knowledge of the Northern Ontario construction market. Coupled with our highly detailed cost estimates, we are happy to have contributed to a very successful tender of this project!

The accuracy of an estimate at the Working Drawing stage is intended to be +/-10% from the median tender bid received. A.W. Hooker’s Working Drawing Estimate in Q4 2015 was -1.9% compared to the median tender; therefore, this is considered a very successful tender result.



Bringing Projects in On Budget

May 11, 2016

Helping our clients build their projects on budget with great tender results is something that we pride ourselves on!

We are proud to have been the Cost Consultant for this project! The A.W. Hooker Team helped the City of Windsor bring the bids in on budget for their new five storey, 118,000 sq.ft. City Hall. Involved in the project from the very early stages, A.W. Hooker was able to assist the design team to ensure the project remained on schedule and on budget. Discover how happy the Mayor of Windsor is with our work on this project:


Artist Rendering Courtesy of The City of Windsor

Alan Hand, PQS(F) elected President of CACQS

June 12, 2014
Alan Hand

Members of the Canadian Association of Consulting Quantity Surveyors have elected  Alan Hand, Senior Partner at A.W. Hooker Associates Ltd. as President at their recent 2014 AGM.

Over the past 25 years, Alan has been a leader and advocate in the Quantity Surveying industry in Canada.  He joined A.W. Hooker Associates Ltd. in 1987 as a Senior Partner and managed the firm’s growth to its current size.

Alan holds a B.Sc. in Quantity Surveying from Curtin University in Western Australia.  His demonstrated expertise and leadership in his field led him to becoming a Fellow Member of the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (CIQS) where he served as a Director.  Previous appointments include the Presidency of the Alberta Institute of Quantity Surveyors and Chairman of the Ontario Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

His expertise includes thorough risk management, cost identification, assessment, sensitivity analysis, contingency planning, on a wide variety of complex assignments.  He is dedicated to raising the profile of the Consulting Quantity Surveying firms within the construction industry and developing new markets for Consulting Quantity Surveyors within Canada.

The CACQS is a national trade association dedicated to advancing the Canadian Quantity Surveying industry and represents 14 firms across Canada.


A.W. Hooker Announces Two New Partners

November 4, 2013

A.W. Hooker Associates’ Senior Partner, Alan Hand made the announcement last week at the firm’s annual Meet the People that make the Difference Event that they are appointing two new partners, Tanju Celen and Glenn Hultzer to the growing firm.

Tanju Celen joined A.W. Hooker in 2006 as a Quantity Surveyor and quickly grew to a Senior Associate in 2012.  Tanju has a total of over 26 years of international experience in the construction industry, with 15 years’ experience as a Civil Engineer prior to immigrating to Canada. Tanju is a designate Professional Quantity Surveyor in Canada complimented by his experience in construction contracting, construction management and advisory services. Tanju’s proven ability to lead projects and to deliver first class service and cost estimates to our clients together with his dedication and commitment to our clients has led to him becoming a full Partner in the firm.

Glenn Hultzer joined A.W. Hooker in 2012 as Senior Associate.  Glenn is designate Professional Quantity Surveyor in Canada as well as being a Chartered Professional Quantity Surveyor with the RICS. Glenn has conducted the majority of his Quantity Surveying career over the past 23 years on major projects in South Africa, United States, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates prior to immigrating to Canada in 2010. Glenn’s proven ability to lead projects, deliver a range of Cost Consulting and Advisory services and his commitment to his Clients has led him to become a full Partner in the firm.

“Tanju and Glenn’s combined knowledge and vast experience have made them invaluable to A.W. Hooker and to our clients,” said Senior Partner, Alan Hand. “We’re thrilled that Tanju and Glenn will play a key role in helping shape our firm’s future.”

A.W. Hooker Associates Ltd. is a construction consulting firm established in 1975 by Arthur W. Hooker.  We provide construction cost estimating and related services to a wide variety of clients.  We represent and support our clients throughout the conceptual, developmental and construction phases of projects throughout North America.  Our clients include nationally and internationally known architects as well as numerous cultural and educational institutions, major pharmaceutical companies, public agencies, corporations and individual property owners.  The 7 partners combined have over 200 years of experience and bring extensive knowledge of the construction industry to each project.  The varied backgrounds of the partners include not only the Quantity Surveying profession, but also project management, design/engineering, construction supervision, design-build environments and expert witness.  Our integrated understanding of the full life-cycle of the construction process allows us to balance the needs of each project to attain its specified functional, programmatic and design goals while expertly optimizing all choices to achieve the best possible result within the Clients budget.

Please join us in congratulating Tanju Celen and Glenn Hultzer.

Tanju Celen and Glenn Hultzer can be contacted as following :

Tanju Celen :  email :   Tel :  905-823-8111 ext. 231  Cell : 905-399-8652

Glenn Hultzer: email : Tel: 905-823-8111 ext. 225 Cell : 905-876-6601