Getting sound procurement advice for your project is crucial to ensure it runs smoothly, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are several procurement paths and contract options available, and these decisions must be made early.

Engaging a Quantity Surveyor early on in the development process can help. At A.W. Hooker, we are specialists in everything from helping develop the project budget, to advising on the procurement process, to construction contract development.

Why is procurement advice so important? Because the route you take can impact the overall construction costs, duration of design and construction, and the overall quality of the project.

Expert Support During the Tender Phase

Advice Prior to Tender Issue

Many important decisions–with cost implications for your project–need to be made before your construction project gets issued for tender. At A.W. Hooker, our Quantity Surveyors can provide Contract and Procurement Advice to help to guide you through these decisions and develop a procurement strategy based on your needs. Our Procurement Advice can cover not only the form of contract, but other stipulations that will be included in the contract, such as the use of union versus open-shop labour and the prequalification of bidders.

Accounting for Changes to Tender

After a project has been issued for tender, it is normal for clarifications or additional details to be called for with respect to the tender documentation, specifications, and drawings. If your designer has made adjustments to the project after the design phase, those changes need to be efficiently costed out.

After the lead designer prepares addenda to the tender package in response to these requests, we can assist with Tender Addendum Management. In this case, our Quantity Surveyors review each addendum to advise you of the cost impact of this change. Addenda review can take place before or after the official release of the addendum.

Due Diligence in Deciding on a Winning Bid

It’s important to perform the proper due diligence on your contractor before committing them to the project. When selecting a contractor, a Quantity Surveyor can help you choose one that offers the best overall value. A contractor recommendation should take into consideration the financial aspects of the bids along with other important factors.

Our Contractor Recommendation involves Quantity Surveyors working with the Owners, Designers, and Project Managers to develop the evaluation criteria or scoring model to review both financial and non-financial aspects of the bid. This includes the contractor’s relevant experience, proposed staff, references, schedule, and safety policies. Choosing a contractor based on best value, not just cheapest tender, will help to ensure the right person is doing the job for the right price.

Should the Tenders on your project come in noticeably higher or lower than the estimate, a Tender Analysis may be useful to identify any variations between what you were expecting and what the bidders priced out. Identifying these variations before awarding the contract helps prevent-costly post-contract changes.