Client: Infrastructure Ontario / Ministry of Transportation Size: 33.5 km tolled highway
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407 East Extension, Phase 2

This DBFM project consists of an extension to Highway 407 East Phase 1 from its terminus east of Harmony Road in Oshawa to Highway 35/115 in Clarington  (approximately 22.1 km or 88.4 lane km). The project also includes the East Durham Link (EDL), that serves as a north-south freeway connector to Highway 401 (approximately 10.4 km or 41.6 lane km). The project includes 8 interchanges, including freeway to freeway interchanges at the EDL connection to the Main Line and Highway 401, and at Highway 35/115.Special challenges on this project include rehabilitation and/or replacement of bridges; ATMS (Advanced Traffic Management Systems); municipal infrastructure that lies outside of the highway Right-of-Way; species at risk permit requirements (for many species including animals, reptiles and plants); implementation of terrestrial and fisheries mitigation measures; multiple crossing road structures  and watercourse crossing structures; traffic management during construction (including diversions, closures, detours, etc.); temporary works; and providing maintenance on the portions of the roadways that were opened to traffic. Phase 2a Substantial Completion was achieved December 2017. Phase 2a Final Completion was June 2018.  Phase 2 Substantial Completion was achieved November 2019 ( one month ahead of schedule).  Phase 2 Final Completion was July 2020.  There were no disputes on this project, and excellent result.