Client: AstraZeneca Canada Size: 254,000 sq. ft.
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AstraZeneca Canadian HQ & Amenities Building

Procurement Advice for AstraZeneca Canadian Headquarters

Three of Canada’s largest curtain wall contractors where selected and prequalified to bid on a relatively small and challenging scope which included metal panel cladding with the curtainwall. Only two of the three contractors bid and their prices were both about double the expected budget.

AW Hooker reviewed the bids and the budget estimate and found the bids to be mom-competitive. We recommended that the metal panel cladding and curtain-wall be split into two packages then re-tendered to a larger number of smaller contractors, all well able to handle the size of the project. The Owner agreed and instructed the CM to comply.

The hard construction budget was developed in concert with Astra Zeneca’s project architects (WZMH Architects) and interior designers (Atkinson + Designer Inc.). A.W. Hooker monitored the costs throughout the design development stages and assisted the Construction managers (PCL) in tendering of the entire fit up package.

During post construction, A.W. Hooker reviewed all construction costs associated with the fit up project including the tender packages, contemplated change orders, price changes, field orders, and site instructions. We also assisted with contractor claims resolution and tracked all construction costs for the purpose of reporting on a monthly basis to Astra Zeneca management.

The second tender results came in right on budget and saved AstraZeneca $1.2 million. End result was a project completed on budget and on time.

Acting as independent cost consultant on this project, A.W. Hooker Associates contributed expertise and applied due diligence on the owner’s behalf to ensure that savings and value-for-money were maximized during the design and construction phases. The entire project was completed in 2005 within a budget figure that was set in 2001 based on our Order of Magnitude estimate.

A.W. Hooker Associates Limited’s specific roles and successes:

  • Contributed in excess of $1.25M in negotiated savings for the owner.
  • Provided accurate estimates for potential changes, which allowed the owner to make an informed decision to proceed with the project prior to committing costs to design or construction.
  • Performed as an integral member of the owner’s project management team, which included a part-time on site presence.
  • Produced accurate cost reports both monthly and weekly towards project close out.
  • Provided an independent opinion in the resolution of change order disputes.
  • Tracked the schedule as part of a monthly report, highlighting risks to the project that could cause potential delays.
  • Reviewed the construction manager’s monthly report and provided comments that were included in the executive summary section of the reports.
  • Aided with the owner’s close out process, which included account reconciliation, deficiency walks, and evaluation of potential costs as a result of said deficiencies.
  • Aided the project management team in the development of expense budgets and capital depreciation allocations, including tracking of these costs until completion.
  • Provided independent advice at all stages of the construction process, which covered most aspects of the project.
  • Reviewed the owner’s internal accounts and assisted in tracking of all expenditures.
  • Reviewed and negotiated both the initial GMP submission and Final GMP calculations, which contributed to the savings noted above.
  • Reviewed and provided a recommendation for Progress Billings on a monthly basis.
  • Audited the construction manager’s general requirements costs on behalf of the owner.
  • Aided in the tendering process, including reviews and recommendations for all tender packages.