Client: Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd. Size: 16,835 sq. ft.
Project Type: Project Challenge:
Program Areas

The purpose of the Shelter Renovation Project is to redevelop and repurpose existing buildings in order to increase the city-wide shelter bed count under the Master Service Agreement (under the 1,000 New Shelter Beds) held between the City of Toronto and Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.

The Shelter Program at 4117 Lawrence Ave East, Scarborough, ON consists of a ground and first floor renovation, addition of mechanical penthouse over top of existing building and new soft landscape in the existing parking area. The ground floor will house a commercial kitchen, dining hall, resident rooms, exam room with staff office space and laundry facilities and first floor will be used for resident area which will accommodate 89 beds and washrooms.

A.W. Hooker provided Design Stage Cost Control in the form of detailed Class D Cost Estimate at the Schematic Design stage to establish the initial budget for the project. As the design progressed, A.W. Hooker provided further design stage cost control in the form of:
1. Class B Estimate at Design Development stage
2. Class A Estimate at Contract Document stage

A Class A Estimate is intended to be +/- 5%. There were 4 compliant bids received with a spread of 18.1%. Our estimate was -1.4% from the awarded bid. Therefore, it was a successful tender result.