Client: Infrastructure Ontario, Ministry of Government Services Size: 226,000 sq. ft.
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Independent Certifier for the MGS Data Centre.

Conflict Resolution on P3 projects

When the Ministry of Government Services chose to build its new Data Centre through a P3 delivery, this would be the pilot project for Infrastructure Ontario to deliver a highly technical project through AFP. As the project had highly complex mechanical and electrical components, it was discovered that the standard CCDC Project Agreement did not adequately cover the documentation and commissioning to achieve substantial completion. If substantial completion was not achieved on time it would be a major blow to Project Co’s financial model.

During our services as the Independent Certifier, A.W. Hooker thoroughly checks and verifies construction for compliance and issues monthly status reports detailing compliance reviews to both parties. When this gap in the interpretation of the PA was discovered, A.W. Hooker brought both MGS, IO and Project Co together to better understand what the Project Agreement required of them and assisted them in pulling together the documentation and commissioning requirements to meet substantial completion on time.

Acting as guide and coach, A.W. Hooker was able to guide both parties to complete the unique requirements of this project delivery model. Acting as an independent mediator and first responder for dispute resolution, we moved the parties from a confrontational position to a partnering arrangement in order to achieve substantial completion in time.