Client: Septodont Pharamceuticals Size: 3,000 sq. ft.
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Septodont Pharamceuticals

Cost reduction for Septodont’s filling line renovation

This pharmaceutical Manufacturing company was looking to replace and upgrade an existing sterile filling suite with a new more flexible and faster filling line. The initial concept was to replace within the existing suite confines.

During the design process it became apparent that the new process and equipment demanded greater floor space and ceiling height and consequently larger HVAC services. Furthermore the existing filling room units located in a portion of the plant that had the lowest floor to roof height to fit the equipment. The roof would need to be raised and structural improvements would be required to accommodate the new HVAC equipment. This would require significant structural upgrades to the suite including foundation reinforcement and new footings.

What was initially a simple equipment swap-out had become a challenge to both operations and cost.

After examining the costs of heightening the roof of this section, A.W. Hooker initiated cost reduction exercises and explored several alternate locations with the team. By analyzing the options and providing realistic costs and pragmatic schedule and construction advice enabled the client to make an educated decision.

Another program which had adequate overhead space was relocated to the area in question and the new filling line was installed in its place, saving the client from structural modifications and operations disruption, resulting in a cost savings of around $10 million.

“Without the Q.S. on board as an integral member of our team we would have pursued the original concept and would have seriously jeopardized the outcome of the project from both operating and schedule aspects.” – Project Manager for Septodont