Client: City of Ottawa and  TransitNext General Partnership Size: 11.5 km LRT with electric vehicles
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Trillium Line Stage 2 Extension

The Trillium Line Stage 2 Extension Project is and extension of an existing 8-kilometer single track system that has been in operation since 2001.  The existing line consists of five stations.  It has a tunnel under Dow’s Lake approximately 750 meters long and runs with six Alstom forty-meter Diesel Multiple Unit vehicles, which are maintained in an existing Maintenance and Storage Facility at Walkley Yard.

The new portion (Stage 2) of this DBFM Project consists of an 11-km track extension south and 4-km spur to the Ottawa McDonald-Cartier International Airport, using part of the existing alignment and part green field, with 6 new stations on the extension. The Airport spur link will have 2 dedicated stations, which will connect to the mainline. The project also includes a series of new structures, including road and rail overpasses, grade separations, drainage systems, utility relocations, and pedestrian overpasses.  An elevated guideway is provided as part of the connection to the new station at the Ottawa McDonald-Cartier International Airport.

A new Maintenance and Storage Facility will be provided at Walkley Yard. Seven new Stadler vehicles will be provided to supplement the existing vehicles on the Trillium Line.

Substantial Completion August 2022.  There were no disputes on this project, and excellent result.