Matching Design Information to Estimate Level

published on October 30th, 2017 in ,

PDF available for download here Matching Design Information to Estimate

Most projects have design stage milestones that the Design Team complete and submit to the client for sign off. A significant amount of these projects also require cost estimates corresponding to the design stage milestones. Typically these are:

Chart - Classes

While the intent is to align the cost estimate stage with the design stage in practical terms this cannot always be accomplished. Interpretation of the design level required to meet design stage milestones is somewhat subjective, (not withstanding OAA guidelines) and as such does not always directly translate to adequate information for estimating purposes.

Below are quick check-lists created to help designers align both Design and Estimating stage milestones.

Checklist – Preparing your Information for the Estimate

Chart - Class D

Chart - Class C - Schematic Design

Chart - Class B - Design Development

Chart - Class B - Mid Working Drawings

Chart - Class A - Late Working Drawings

Following these guidelines will help align the design and estimating stage milestones and provide a more accurate indication of the project development and cost.


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