What is a Quantity Surveyor?

A quantity surveyor is a professional who specialises in understanding, analyzing, and reporting on the costs associated with construction projects. In order to provide relevant strategic advice, the quantity surveyor must be part estimator, part designer, part engineer, part contractor, and part mediator. A quantity surveyor takes every issue concerning cost, project schedule, and budget into consideration when estimating, planning, and reporting cost data.

Quantity Surveyors deliver their services with three key objectives in mind:

  • To achieve the best value for each dollar spent
  • To keep expenditures within the amount allocated for each of the various elements or segments of the project
  • To achieve a balanced expenditure between the various elements or segments of the project

What is the advantage of using a quantity surveyor?

Using an experienced and skilled quantity surveyor will not only allow you to have an accurate projection of the costs involved in a construction project, but also allow you to have an effective cost strategist on your team to help lower costs with ideas, options, and experienced advice.